Tänze 2022
  Anfänger   Partner   FG / FG Beginner


  Tanz  Choreograph
  7 Summers With You Dan Albro ** Paartanz **
  11 Beers With You Dan Albro ** Paartanz **
  AB Wild Hearts Steve Cavanaugh
  Afterglow Jennifer Hughes
  Again and Again Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick & Jo Kinser
  Butterfly Choreograph unbekannt **Paartanz **
  Everywhere The Highlander
  Give Me Shivers Julia Wetzel
  Hold my Hand Joshua Talbot & Alison Johnstone
  Homecoming Queen Karl-Harry Winson
  I'm on my Way Maggie Gallagher
  Little Rumba Donna Laurin
  Playboys Karl-Harry Winson
  Reunited! Niels Poulsen
  Rolling Stone Niels Poulsen
  Some Kind OF Wonderful Gary O'Reilly
  Storm and Stone Maddison Glover
  Starlights Maggie Gallagher
  Til You Can't Gary O'Reilly
  Tonight We Dance Heather Barton
  Til the Neons Gone Darren Bailey
  Train Wreck Niels Poulsen
  We're Good to Go Rob Fowler
  White Rose for Two Ike & Virginia Po ** Paartanz **